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HB 329 (Summary): Community Association Databases (Representative Nicholas Duran)

Community Association Databases; Directs Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, & Mobile Homes to create, maintain, & update publicly-accessible Internet database of condominium & homeowners' associations in state by specified date; requires certain information to be included in database; requires legislative appropriation from Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, & Mobile Homes Trust Fund to create, operate, & maintain database 


HB 547 (Summary): Residential Association Board of Directors (Representative David Borrero)

Residential Association Board of Directors; Revises certification & education requirements for board directors of residential condominium associations, cooperative associations, & homeowners' associations.


HB 811 (Summary): Condominium Association Complaints and Investigations (Representative Tom Fabricio)

Condominium Association Complaints and Investigations; Creates investigative unit within FDLE to investigate complaints that allege criminal activity in connection with residential condominium association; requires certain personnel in investigative unit; requires division to review complaints within specified timeframe & take specified actions; provides powers of & requirements for department.


HB 1033 (Summary): Homeowners' Associations (Representative Mike Beltran)

Homeowners' Associations; Authorizes parties to initiate nonbinding arbitration rather than presuit mediation for certain disputes; creates Office of Homeowners' Association Ombudsman within DBPR; provides for funding of office; directs Governor to appoint ombudsman; prohibits ombudsman, officers, & full-time employees from engaging in certain activities or receiving certain remuneration; provides for principal location of ombudsman's office; provides powers & duties of ombudsman.


HB 1039 (Summary): Fines Levied by a Homeowners' Association (Representative Kristen Arrington)

Fines Levied by a Homeowners' Association; Provides that fine levied against member or the tenants, guests, and invitees of the member may not become lien against parcel.


HB 1371 (Summary): Display of Flags in Residential Associations (Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka)

Display of Flags in Residential Associations; Authorizes unit owners of condominiums & homeowners to display up to two specified flags regardless of governing documents of association; removes restriction on unit owners that flags may only be flown on certain days; defines the term "first responder flag"; authorizes civil cause of action; provides for attorney fees & costs; prohibits certain homeowners' association from precluding property owners from displaying certain flags; requires such flags be displayed in certain manner.


HB 1391 (Summary): Community Associations' Building Inspections (Representative Joseph Geller)

Community Associations' Building Inspections; Requires certain buildings to be inspected upon building reaching 30 years of age & every 5 years thereafter; requires inspection be completed by specified architect or engineer; requires boards of such community associations to convene within specified time after receipt of inspection report for specified purpose; requires associations to provide copy of inspection report to local authority having jurisdiction & make report available to its members within specified time; requires copy of inspection report be maintained in associations' official records; requires developer to provide specified inspection report upon transition of association control under certain circumstances.


HB 1393 (Summary): Condominium and Cooperative Associations (Representative Joseph Geller)

Condominium and Cooperative Associations; Revises & provides bylaw provisions for condominium & cooperative associations relating to waiving or reducing amount of reserve funds, reserve fund study requirements, annual structural inspections of buildings, structural & electrical recertification inspections, recertification reports, completion reports of remedial action, penalties for failing to submit certain reports, & mandatory evacuations; revises documents that must be delivered to prospective buyer or lessee of residential unit; revises contract clauses for resale of residential unit; requires construction & renovation of residential condominium & cooperative buildings to comply with Florida Building Code; provides requirements for waterproofing measures of certain elements of community associations in Florida Building Code.


HB 1397 (Summary): Condominium Associations (Representative Joseph Geller)

Condominium Associations; Authorizes person or entity completing financial report for association to rely on specified inspection report; restricting association from waiving financial report for more than specified period; requires association to provide candidate's certification form to unit owners for specified purposes; requires board to have certain condominium buildings inspected every 5 years by architect or engineer; requires architect or engineer to provide certain report back to board.  


HB 6103 (Summary): Levying of Fines by Homeowners' Associations (Representative Kristen Arrington)

Levying of Fines by Homeowners' Associations; Removes authority for homeowners' association to levy fines; removes requirements relating to levying of fines.