House Business & Professional

Regulation Subcommittee



Please send an e-mail to all committee members asking them to make sure that House Bill 1263 (Rep. Mike LaRosa) is added to the agenda of the next committee meeting.


Subject Line: H 1263

HOA Reform Bill H 1263 (Representative Mike LaRosa) is ready to be heard in your committee. I ask you to please make sure that this bill is on the agenda of the next committee meeting. This bill is very important for more than 2.6 million families living in Florida's mandatory homeowners' associations.

Like me, many of my neighbors as well as individuals living in homeowner associations throughout the Florida are following this bill very closely. Please make these two bills a priority in your Committee by hearing them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to my request and please let me know as soon as you know a date that H 1263 will be heard in the Business & Professional Regulation Subcommittee.

Committee Members

Chair: Representative Halsey Beshears (R)

[email protected]
Vice Chair: Larry Ahearn (R) [email protected]
Democratic Ranking Member: Kevin Rader (D) [email protected]
  Representative Bryan Avila (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Dwight R. Dudley (D) [email protected] 
  Representative Heather Fitzenhagen (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Joseph Geller (D) [email protected] 
  Representative Julio Gonzalez (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Chris Latvala (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Scott Plakon (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Rene Plasencia (R) [email protected] 
  Representative Darryl Ervin Rouson (D) [email protected] 
  Representative Carlos Trujillo (R) [email protected] 


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